About Me (English)

Born 1946. Licenced 1981 (CEPT Class 1 with CW).

100% QSL via Bureau or direct. Pse DO NOT eQSL. For direct QSL pse SAE + 1 IRC new valid model ending 31.12.2013 prefered (NO old IRC 2009). If not, return via bureau. Pour les stations françaises, enveloppe comportant votre adresse avec timbre français tarif lettre en cours. For multiple QSL request, add fee postage.

US-hams: Please send international size envelope !

Radioactive for now 7 to 50 Mhz. Soon top band, 80 and 4 meters.

Bands allowed for radioamateur use in Monaco : 135,7 – 137,8 Khz, 1.810 - 2.0 Mhz, 3.5 - 3.8, 7.0-7.2, 14.0-14.350, 18.068-18.168, 21.0-21.450, 24.890-24.990, 28.0-29.7, 50-52, 70.0-70.5 Mhz, ecc.

Monaco is only 2km² city, a very small country. We have a lot of urban QRM specialy in the evening with domestic apparatus (TV Plasma, PLC, motors engine,ecc, ecc), and by commercial communication equipment (Broadcast TX, digipeater, U.SHF ec, ecc.). Having big antennas is now just a dream.... I left my 12 m up tower and 3 el beam for a vertical ant. Sufficient for DX CW.

DRAKE collector and user (TR3, TR4C line, R4C, TR7 line).Yaesu FT-2000D (200 W) and ICOM IC-756 PRO II, ecc. Vertical 7 bands. Using 40 W on CW. Keyer mod. « Graciella » from I2RTF, Piero Begali. QSO are logged with EA6VQ Log. NO PC OR OTHER MACHINE for CW .. ONLY MY KEY AND EARS HI. So, sorry for mistakes on my CW (QLF, Left Foot transmitting, HI, HI).

Since september 2009 i use a lovely RX/TX PARASET of WWII, a real replica (using vacuum tubes 2 x6SK7 on RX and one 6V6 on TX) made by my friend Jean-Claude F6EJU who use also a PARASET. Sked on request on 7.029 or 3.529. Power about 4/5 watts on a vertical antenna.

My paraset made by F6EJU :

CW enthousiast. Member of UFT (Union Française des Télégraphistes), INORC (Italian Naval « Old Rythmers » Club), U-CW-C, AGCW-DL, 3A-CW-Group, CTC Croatian telegraphy Club, FH,10 x 10, ecc.

Using also digimode when conditions pf popagation are at low level, using Multipsk (reg). Membership : EPC#2385, 3ØMDG#2000, DMC#2017, CDG#0196, FH#1790.

CQ Awards check point.

321 DXCC CW confirmed.

Other personal calls (contests) : 3AØCW, 3AØF, 3A1LF, 3A3LF, 3A4F, 3A5ØLF, 3A5F, 3A6F, 3A7F, 3A8F, 3A9ØF, 3A9F. Operator of : 3AØCE, 3A1ØØGM, 3A2ØØSM, 3A2ARM, 3A2CWG, 3A2JAM, 3A3WPX, 3A4ØARM, 3A5ØARM, 3A5ØR, 3A7G, 3A7JO, 3A7A, 3A7G, 3A8A, 3A9A.

Also (during vacations) : F5NXQ, F/3A2LF, FØGVS, F1NXQ, TK/3A2LF, TQØLER, TV1LER, FMØGVS, FGØGVS, ØSØC, 1PØC.

Guest operator : LA1IARU (Norway, Lillehammer,1999), T77IARU (San Marino, 2002), HB8ØIARU (Switzerland, Davos, 2005), 9AØIARU (Croatia, Cavtat, 2009).

General Secretary of A.R.M. (National Amateur Radio Society of Monaco - Association des Radioamateurs de Monaco). Manager founder of the 3A-CW-Group (April 24th 1991).